Hair transplant

With a team that has performed over 9,000 hair transplants, we at 85 kliniken are proud to have the most experience in Sweden. Thanks to hair transplantation with the FUE and DHI techniques, there will be shorter healing time and no visible scars. We are a world-leading clinic and have specialized in gentle hair transplantation with a lifelike result. Interested? Then come to our clinic in Göteborg/Gothenburg for your hair transplant!

Of course, we always leave a written guarantee on our hair transplants and the consultation is of course free!

How it's done

The FUE method has largely replaced the previously common strip method (FUT) because in almost all situations it is a better alternative and does not leave any visible scars.​​

In conjunction with a FUE operation, hair follicles (grafts) are removed from the back of the head and, if necessary, also from the sides. Each hair follicle is a unit that contains about 1-4 hairs. The right technology and equipment is absolutely crucial for the result. That’s why we use experienced doctors, the right methods and the best equipment.

Who is suitable for a hair transplant?

Most men suffering from hereditary hair loss with baldness or deep bays above the temples can expect good results from a hair transplant. Even women suffering from symptoms similar to male hair loss can be treated. However, some people may expect better results than others. What affects the result depends on how much hair can be transplanted, that is, how much side and neck hair the patient has available and how thick this hair is. The amount of hair needed depends on the size of the surface to be covered and the desired thickness of the hair.

Before your hair transplant

Before a hair transplant, a consultation is carried out where we go through the patient’s individual conditions, expectations and the result that can be achieved. We also examine hair quality and ask questions about general health to find out what is possible.

Then price information and suggestions are given at different times for a possible operation. We carefully review how an operation is performed and how aftercare is to be done. Everything to make you feel as safe as possible in your decision. The patient can choose to carry out their hair transplantation in our clinic in Göteborg/Gothenburg or be conveyed to one of our approved partner clinics in Istanbul if the price here in Sweden would be a matter of concern.


Important to think about before an operation;

  • Take no medication the days before a treatment
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages
  • Reduce intake of tobacco and if possible retain from using it at all
  • Alcohol and tobacco can reduce the survival rate of the new hair follicles


The area that has been given new hair is very sensitive and must be protected from the sun. Shampoo should be be used the second day after surgery. Shampoo is important to prevent the formation of scabs around the hair.

The transplanted hairs will fall out during the first 10 days but will begin to grow again after 2-3 months and increase in growth and volume over the next 6-9 months.

Free consultation

85 kliniken offers free consultation. At the consultation you will learn more about us and our treatment methods and we can answer all your questions and explain how we can help you with your hair loss.

Our Recommendation

– An important part of the healing process.

We recommend PRP treatment in connection with a hair transplantation. PRP contributes to faster healing, accelerates the activation of the transplanted hair follicles, and also reduces the number of hair follicles that go to rest after an operation.

How much does it cost?

The exact price is determined by the extent of the treatment and whether it is combined with other treatments. Before starting a treatment, you will receive a price quote from your therapist or consultant.

Partial payment

If you wish to pay the amount partially, there are a number of options:

Medical Finance, which we cooperated with for a long time, offers loans up to 30,000 SEK for two years. Let Medical Finance help you with the financing of your operation.
Human Finance, with its focus on health and care, wants to make it easier for people to get the treatment they want.
Lendo, get a good loan, by collecting the best banks in one place.