Hair Transplantation for Women

When we hear about [hair transplants today](, it’s often about male ones, as hair transplantation for women is unfortunately still a relatively uncommon procedure, especially in Sweden. In countries like Turkey, Iran, and Lebanon, it’s more common for women to seek this type of assistance.

It will probably become more common with smaller but more frequent transplantations in the future, which means fine-tuning such as filling in temples and refining the hairline.

The reasons for women’s dissatisfaction with their hairline vary; some notice thinning, others don’t like the shape, and some have a naturally high hairline that they want to lower.

The most common treatment for women at our clinic is restoring the hairline, densifying small areas, and reconstructing scars after plastic surgeries.

Women with a naturally high hairline, receding temples, or those affected by hereditary hair loss are the typical candidates.

Hair transplantation for women is no longer seen as a major procedure but rather a way for women to easily improve their hair situation.

We are proud to offer women a method with dense placements, quick healing, and minimal risk of visible scars. This method is considered the most suitable for women, as it provides the most natural and satisfying results available in the market today.

Hair Transplantation for Women Step by Step

Before a hair transplant for women, it’s crucial for the patient to understand the procedure and how the transplantation works. Expectations for the final result should be reasonable. While most clients who undergo transplantation are satisfied, having realistic expectations is important. A woman with significant hair loss is unlikely to regain the same hair quality she had when she was young. Because of this, it’s essential for the patient to have a consultation before the treatment begins. During the consultation, expectations, individual conditions, general health, and hair quality are discussed.

When women opt for hair transplantation using the FUE method, the hair at the back of the head is shaved to extract donor follicles. Subsequently, the hair follicles are removed from the donor area.

håravfall kvinnor

(Donor Area Before Extraction)

Hair loss in women

(Donor Area the Day After Extraction)

Each extracted hair follicle group is surrounded by a cylindrical tissue cuff with a circumference of 0.6-1 mm.

Hair loss in women

Once the harvesting is complete, the recipient area is prepared and locally anesthetized.

The transplantation process starts by creating small millimeter-sized holes in the recipient area using a needle-like special tool.

The holes are placed irregularly and at appropriate angles to mimic natural hair growth. Individual hair follicles or groups of follicles are placed separately in the prepared holes in the recipient area.

Follicles with 1-2 hairs are placed at the front of the new hairline. Groups of follicles with 2-4 hair strands are placed higher up on the crown. This placement imitates completely natural hair growth.

The small puncture holes heal quickly, and after one to two weeks, there are usually no small healing scabs or significant redness on the scalp. The small holes in the donor area disappear just as quickly.

Book a Consultation

Free Consultation

85kliniken offers a free consultation. During the consultation, you will learn more about us and our treatment method. We will answer all your questions and explain how we can help you with your hair loss.

Cost Information

The exact cost is determined by the extent of the treatment and whether it’s combined with other procedures. Before the treatment begins, your practitioner or consultant will provide you with a price quote.

Installment Payment

If you wish to pay in installments, there are several options available:

– Medical Finance, with whom we’ve partnered for some time, offers loans up to 30,000 SEK for two years. Let Medical Finance assist you with financing your operation.
– Human Finance, focusing on health and care, aims to make it easier for people to get the treatment they desire.
– Lendo helps with a good loan by bringing the best banks together in one place.

We also offer interest-free installment payment.