Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is not as common as in men, and the treatment for women is
considerably simpler than for men, even though the causes are more complex. Women rarely experience complete baldness in certain areas of the scalp. The typical pattern for women involves even thinning on the top of the head, with the hairline receding. Even slight thinning near the temples can be noticeable. The hair lies flat and appears lifeless, and hair growth is significantly slower, especially on the top of the head. This can make styling and other hairstyles more challenging.

Hair loss in women can be caused by various factors. Pregnancy, illnesses such as
thyroid disorders, diabetes, and iron deficiency can lead to hair loss, and hereditary hair loss is also possible.

A woman experiencing hair loss can seek assistance through hair transplantation in various ways. This could range from a minor procedure to fill in a thinning hairline to transplanting a larger amount of hair to bald areas on the scalp.

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Hair Loss After Pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormones temporarily halt the regular cycle of hair growth and
loss. After childbirth, hormone levels drop and the process restarts with a surge in activity. The result of this can be perceived as significant hair loss, as hair that would have normally fallen out during pregnancy sheds all at once after childbirth.

Medical Hair Loss

Many illnesses can damage hair follicles or otherwise affect hair growth. Examples include scar-producing skin conditions or metabolic disorders. You may experience temporary hair loss three to four months after experiencing stressors like severe fever, dieting,
psychological stress, or childbirth. Certain medications can also cause hair loss.

Patchy Hair Loss

This type of hair loss is usually due to a relatively common skin condition and can occur at any age. It’s especially likely if you have a tendency toward flexural eczema. The skin in the bald patch is soft and doesn’t show redness or scaling. This often presents with multiple bald patches, not just one. Half of those affected experience hair regrowth within a year.

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