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laser hårborttagning

What is Laser Hair Removal and does it work?

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure used to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth on various parts of the body. The method works by using a laser device that emits an intense beam of light absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. When the light is absorbed, it is converted into heat energy, which damages the follicles and prevents further hair growth.

During the treatment, the laser beam is directed onto the skin, where it penetrates and reaches the hair follicle. The pigment, typically melanin, in the hair absorbs the light, and the heat destroys the follicle. It’s important to note that laser hair removal works best on dark hair and light skin, as the contrast between the hair pigment and the skin provides better light absorption. To achieve optimal results, multiple treatment sessions are typically required, as hair goes through different growth cycles. Laser hair removal is usually painless, but some individuals may experience a mild burning sensation or tingling during the treatment.

Who can perform Laser Hair Removal?

Both men and women can undergo laser hair removal. The treatment can be performed on various areas of the body, including the face, arms, legs, back, chest, bikini area, and many more. Regardless of gender, individuals with unwanted hair growth can benefit from laser hair removal to permanently reduce hair growth and achieve smoother and hair-free skin. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of the treatment can vary depending on the individual’s hair color and skin type. When it comes to skin tone, modern laser devices can be customized to suit different skin types.

Who should not undergo laser hair removal?

Some individuals may be unsuitable for laser hair removal or may need to exercise caution with the treatment due to various factors. Here are some examples of individuals who are typically not recommended to undergo laser hair removal:

  1. Pregnant women: There is limited research on the safety of laser treatment during pregnancy, so it is generally recommended to wait until after pregnancy to undergo the treatment.
  2. Nursing women: While there are no known risks for nursing women, some may choose to abstain from the treatment during breastfeeding to avoid potential exposure of the baby to laser light.
  3. Individuals with active skin infection or inflammation: Areas with active skin infection, inflammation, or other skin conditions may be sensitive and may require the treatment to be postponed until the skin has healed.
  4. Individuals taking certain medications or having certain medical conditions: Some medications and medical conditions can increase the risk of complications or adverse effects of laser treatment.

It is important to consult with our laser therapists to evaluate any contraindications or risks before undergoing the treatment.


Glow Wave Combo ICE

Glow Wave Combo ICE, Three-in-One Solution for Optimal Results.

Glow Wave Combo ICE is an advanced laser hair removal device that offers an effective and gentle hair removal solution. With its unique three-in-one technology, it combines three different wavelengths – Alexandrite 755nm, Yag 1064nm, and diode laser 810nm – to provide comprehensive treatment tailored to meet different needs and skin types.

Glow Wave Combo ICE is an upgraded version of the popular Soprano Titanium laser hair removal device. With improved technology and efficiency, this new version takes hair removal to a new level. Additionally, Glow Wave Combo ICE is the first laser device to utilize advanced AI technology to sense and identify hair follicles. This allows for a more precise and effective treatment, where each follicle is treated individually for optimal results.

Device Description: Glow Wave Combo ICE is a compact and user-friendly device designed specifically for professional hair removal. It features a robust construction and offers high performance to achieve optimal results. With an intuitive user interface and adjustable settings, practitioners can easily customize the treatment according to individual needs.

Combined Wavelengths Function: The unique feature of Glow Wave Combo ICE lies in its ability to combine three different wavelengths. Alexandrite 755nm is ideal for light to medium brown hair and best suited for skin types I-III. Yag 1064nm is effective for darker and coarser hair and better suited for skin types IV-VI. Diode laser 810nm is versatile and can treat a wider range of skin types and hair types. By combining these wavelengths, the device can effectively target and treat different hair colors and skin types with precision and efficiency.

Treatment for Different Skin Types: Glow Wave Combo ICE is designed to be safe and effective on various skin types. Considering the different wavelengths it offers, the device can be customized to fit skin types I-VI according to the Fitzpatrick scale. This means that individuals with lighter to darker skin tones can receive safe and effective treatments with minimal risk of side effects.

Recommended Number of Treatments: The number of recommended treatments may vary depending on individual factors such as hair type, hair color, and treatment area. Generally, multiple treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results. Typically, 6-8 treatments at 4-6 week intervals are required to ensure effective treatment of hair follicles in different growth stages. After completing the treatments, periodic maintenance treatments may be needed to maintain the achieved results in the long term.

Free consultation

85 Kliniken offers free consultation. During the consultation, you will learn more about us and our treatment method, and we will answer all your questions and explain how we can help you with your hair loss.

What does it cost?

The exact price is determined by the extent of the treatment and whether it is combined with another treatment. Before the treatment begins, you will receive a price quote from your practitioner or consultant.

Installment payment

If you wish to pay in installments, there are several options available:

  • Medical Finance, with whom we have been cooperating for a long time, offers loans up to 30,000 SEK for two years. Let Medical Finance assist you with the financing of your procedure.
  • Human Finance, with its focus on health and care, aims to make it easier for people to receive the treatment they desire.
  • Lendo helps with a good loan by gathering the best banks in one place.